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Local Projects

Apart from supporting the program partners, the "Living Equality" network funds small local projects in East and West Germany.  These projects deal with the various elements of bigotry and hatred in order to make a real change.  Click on the projects to find out more ... 

AMAL, Wurzen
In many small towns and villages in eastern Germany, young people are confronted with neo-Nazi violence on a daily basis.  AMAL, an institution that provides advice and support to victims of racist and right-wing violence, published a comic book to show young people how they can defend themselves and organize help.

Blumenthal School Center, Bremen
Three basic courses in Politics at the Blumenthal school in Bremen have dealt with the topic of “bigotry and hatred”.  In order to illustrate these abstract terms for the general public, the Blumenthal pupils prepared an exhibition that was shown in a local community center.

Bon Courage, Borna
The club "Bon Courage" made an exhibition focusing on marginalised outgroups. The overall aim is to make people aware of discrimination and prejudice against people who differ from the majority in their outward appearance.

Conne Island, Leipzig
"Conne Island" is a socio-cultural center in Leipzig that focuses on youth work. Their Living Equality project is entitled: “When worst comes to worst - How to stand up against racism and anti-Semitism”.

"Dem Ball is egal wer ihn tritt" (The ball doesn’t care about who kicks it), Gelsenkirchen
A considerable number of German soccer fans regularly chant anti-Semitic slogans and songs in stadiums.  Unfortunately, the fan clubs have so far failed to decisively counter this problem.  The initiative "Dem Ball ist egal wer ihn tritt" (The ball doesn't care about who kicks it) takes fans from various football clubs on a visit to the former concentration camp of Auschwitz in order to trigger a lasting critical discussion about anti-Semitism and racism in soccer.

Hector-Peterson-Schule, Berlin
This is a school project combining history and arts.  Students of the Hector-Peterson Grammar School do research on memorial sites in Berlin in order to learn about the local victims of the Holocaust and to artistically revive the memorial plaque for the murdered Jewish teachers of their school.

Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion, Berlin 
The youth project “Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion” has started workshops to deal with the topic of antisemitism among ethnic minority youngsters.  The participants get the unique opportunity to produce their own documentary film and a radio show.  The youngsters are interested in how people use the media in the context of the Middle-East conflict. 

Netzwerk für Demokratische Kultur, Wurzen
The “Netzwerk für Demokratische Kultur” (Network for Democratic Culture) brings bigotry up for discussion – by offering a comic workshop in order to fight prejudice and hatred in primary schools.

NPD-Blog, Hamburg 
The website "NPD-Blog" examines the extent to which bigotry and hatred play a role in the white supremacist ideology of the extreme right-wing party NPD. 

RAA North Rhine-Westphalia
The RAA North Rhine-Westphalia organises advanced training courses for teachers and students in order to fight anti-Semitism and Islamophobia at the same time.  This special focus is due to the Middle East conflict, which plays a considerable role for many of the participants, especially in schools with a high percentage of Muslim students.  Moreover, the project develops strategies to counter all other facets of bigotry and hatred as well.

Rroma Aether Theater, Berlin
This is a theatre production on Sinti and Roma in Berlin, developed in cooperation with local youths.  The problem in Berlin is that prejudice against Sinti and Roma comes from various sides: there is racist prejudice among a great number of ethnic Germans on the one hand, and among immigrants on the other hand.

Schools without Racism / RAA: "Equality Coach"
On 27 May, a special ceremony in Münster honored 37 high school students with the title “Equality coach”.  In the last several months, students participated in a variety of workshops where they learned about bigotry, how it manifests itself in schools, and how to help prevent and overcome it.

Ufuq.de, Berlin
This is an association that mainly deals with the analysis of Arab media in Germany.  For the "Living Equality" project they are developing options for discussions among youths about the topics of antisemitism and Islamophobia.  The project will take place in Berlin-Neukölln, a quarter with a considerable percentage of people with a Muslim background.  Moreover, the team plans to establish a teacher’s network against antisemitism and Islamophobia.



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